How to Save for your Holidays Financially? (Andrew Kyriacou Holiday Tips)

Andrew Kyriacou Holiday Tips

This Andrew Kyriacou Holiday Tips article may help you get through the holidays with a little extra cash in your pocket. The key is to be prepared in advance for the upcoming expenses through savings.

As we all know the holidays are an important part of our busy lives. It’s the time when we splurge on gifts, food, and entertainment with our family and children. Families often plan for vacation trips during the winter holidays, which just adds to the increased spending. That trip to visit distant relatives, or the family alpine skiing trip begin to add up financially during a time of year when it’s hard to say no.

The wise man (or woman) always sets his (or her) financial savings in the present that he needs in the future. So, the decision is on you to start saving – if not then you may have greater difficulty during the high spending season.

These tips are for all the people who want to save for their holidays and stay prepared for the upcoming vacations before they come.

Andrew Kyriacou holiday tips are for saving everyone from these dangerous situations when we are at the stage of ‘can’t say no’.

Andrew Kyriacou Holiday Tips #1: Check your Current Financial Status

The first action is enquiring your current financial status. Check how much you have in your pocket or bank savings or any other source where you had saved for these expenses. This will help you to understand what you can and cannot afford. You can use your savings funds easily, but make sure you’re not over-spending. Meaning, you should also look to January and February expenses to make sure you have enough savings for AFTER the holidays.

Andrew Kyriacou Holiday Tips #2: Make a List of your Expenses

When the holidays are coming, you should discuss the needs and wants (in regards to expenses) with your family. Holidays are full of expenses such as shopping, booking fun costs and many others. Make a complete list of all your planned expenses for which you have to spend money. The list covers every single aspect of expense from normal shopping to the highest expenses. Shopping for holidays is also not so cheap, buying season clothes and other related items that you need on your holiday trip, Expenses of hotel booking and costs for outside ride on any vehicle are all making it too costly. But when the matter is on your family’s demand and expectations than you have to take care of the various need of your family.

Andrew Kyriacou Holiday Tips #3: Don’t Go Into Debt During the Holidays!

When you want to impress your family with a surprise of a grand holiday package, please don’t get into debt because of your need to impress. Credit cards and borrowing money from any lender comes with extremely high interest, which will put you in a hole that you will have a hard time getting out of once the holidays are over.

Stay within your reasonable budget because once you make a decision to borrow money at high interest, the cycle will repeat itself the next year.

Andrew Kyriacou Holiday Tips #4: Save in Advance

Always start saving earlier when you know the expenses are coming soon. Any amount you can save is fine, but you must do it. Open a savings account the gives you a little interest on your money, and simply set up an auto transfer each week or month. Make it an amount that won’t affect your normal expenses. Trust me, it adds up.

If you read these Andrew Kyriacou holiday tips carefully then you may not have any issue with your holiday planning.

The Bottom line:

These are the Andrew Kyriacou holiday tips that can help you to enjoy your vacations without any depression of finance. You can satisfy the desires of your family by providing them with all the luxuries that they expect during the holidays.

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Andrew Kyriacou Profile

Andrew Kyriacou Market Report – November 1, 2018

Andrew Kyriacou Market Report cover

Andrew Kyriacou market report back again. Here are the questions and answers we’re looking into in this issue: Are we in the longest bull market ever? Why is this bull market important? Will a hike in interest rates arrest the market? …let’s dive into this market report.

Are We In The Longest Bull Market Ever?

The short answer is yes… but let me explain.

Basically, a Bull Market is a when the price of trading stocks are on a continual growth path or may grow according to the expectation of the investors. The most common definition for the start of a bull market is a rise of 20% in the market, and then regular growth throughout the extent of that Bull Market. A Bear Market then, is the continual decline of the market beginning with a 20% decrease in market price from the highest mark.

There are a few conflicting opinions about this current market, but for most investment advisors and strategists the current bull market began on March 9, 2009. This was just after the financial crisis had sunk the S&P 500 to an appalling low of 666.

On August 22 of this year, the current bull market turned 3,453 days old, making it the longest bull market in history. These markets are risky because you may get profits, or can get huge losses because your never know how long a bull market will last. There is no surety that you always get a profit.

Read my full .pdf report here:

Andrew Kyriacou Market Report Cover

Why You Need to Know About This Bull Market

Andrew Kyriacou and Bull Markets

Andrew Kyriacou and bull markets go back a long time. Basically, a Bull Market is a market related to finance where a price of trading stocks are on a continual growth path or may grow according to the expectation of the investors. This market is introduced when the economy is in the strong situation and it needs investors who want to get profits. Most rises in investment are up to 20% in the Bull Market.

Andrew Kyriacou and Bull Markets

Andrew Kyriacou, a financial advisor, always suggests to his followers to make a wise choice while you are going to invest during a bull market.

These markets are risky because you may get profits, or can get huge losses because your never know how long a bull market will last. There is no surety that you always get a profit.

A fall or rise in the trade market rates is an unexpected thing. This is your own responsibility if you lose your investment due to rate fall down, but most of the time they can give you a high profit if you are ‘riding the wave’ early.

The Current Bull Market

During any bull market you can get the high return for months and sometimes for years. Experts are at odds in regards to this current bull market – some financial experts say that this bull market start in 2009, which would make it the longest bull market in history. However, other financial experts are saying the there have been to downturns since 2009 that would satisfy the general definition of a Bear market. These experts suggest that the current bull market started in February of 2016.

Andrew Kyriacou believes that this particular bull market began in 2009. He says that trying to invest in this current strong bull market, while the economy is on high strength, is becoming more and more risky.

Becoming afraid from the market risks is not a quality of successful trader, but acknowledging the increasing risks are important – these are the words of Andrew Kyriacou.

There are some important points to consider under your mind when you are planning to invest in the bull market.

Look at the following tips by Andrew Kyriacou:

Check Your Budget:

This is the first step when investing in any bull market. Andrew Kyriacou says not to behave like you are an expert and never spend more than your budget. This over-investment can be risky when the market falls off in its rates. He always recommends choosing an investment plan that fits your budget.

Check Market Rates:

As you know the market rates may vary with time so always check the rates before investing. Andrew Kyriacou reminds to not make a mistake of investing in the trades that are profitable in the past year because the situation never remains the same in every year. You may get profits if you’re lucky, but sometimes the trades go off and rates fall down.

Compare the Plans:

The comparison is a choice of smart investors because they always compare all plans before making the final decision on investment. Don’t play with the market try to invest like a wise trader by comparing the various available investment options and then invest in one that you find the best in all.  The best plan is that which has high chances of raising its market rates and has the lowest chances of price dropping.

Hedge Your Bets:

When the length of a bull market becomes longer and longer, the risks in a large drop become higher. Thus, it is very important to begin hedging your investments against this risk. This means becoming less risky in your investment strategy, and always investing in two offsetting securities. Meaning if one security drops off, the second will compensate for that loss.

Take an Expert Advice:

Andrew Kyriacou and Bull Markets
Take expert advice from financial advisors during Bull Markets.

Take an advice from a financial advisor or any trading expert who has vast knowledge of marketing strategies and bull markets. Check the news and updates on the blog of Andrew Kyriacou for getting advice related to market price and current plan with high values. He has great experience and always suggests you the right option that is almost risk-free or has a lowest risk.

After checking all these strategies and marketing investment plans should be easier to choose for you. According to Andrew Kyriacou, the growth of earning is on improves and the market in its healthy stage. The improvements are going on from the July to August and the rise in employment is up to 4.3 percent.

This Andrew Kyriacou and bull markets White Paper describes that there are growing risks in the current bull market. So this is the best time to starting lowering your investment risk in the market and begin planning for the next Bear market.

Bottom Line:

In the bottom line, in the advice of Andrew Kyriacou he says to never leave any opportunity of getting profits when you are a trading lover. Who doesn’t want to be successful in the trading stream? But, you have to know some basics of this field before starting your investments and earning well.

A strategic advisor like Andrew Kyriacou, and a smart plan in a bull market will always return you more value on your investments. The risk is the common factor, but after risks there may be a successful investment growth waiting for you. So be smart and start investing more risk-adverse and grow your earning with Andrew Kyriacou and Bull Markets.

Market Update from Andrew Kyriacou

Market Update from Andrew Kyriacou

October 12, 2018 – Market Update from Andrew Kyriacou

As many of you have seen this past week, the markets are trending down and volatility is spiking.

Well, it seems that the “elephant” in the room is now being noticed.

The main reasons why we are seeing this volatility today in the markets, and maybe a correction within the US stock market, relates to the increase in US interest rates, the strength of the US dollar, commodity prices (particularly oil) and more concerning tariff tensions.  In fact just this past week the International Monetary Fund (IMF) stated that worldwide growth is becoming more uneven among emerging market and developing economies, reflecting the combined influences of rising oil prices, higher yields in the United States. The IMF reduced their worldwide estimate for 2019 GDP and stated “the sentiment shifts following escalating trade tensions, and domestic political and policy could lead firms to postpone or forgo capital spending and hence slow down growth in investment and demand.”

As I mentioned in an email to my clients, we anticipated rates moving higher in our clients bond portfolios. Even though the valuations of the bonds decrease with rates moving up, most of our portfolios are short to limited duration that will not only recoup any short term valuation volatility but, as the bonds come due, while rates are moving we will be capturing the higher rates of return on the new bonds.  This will add to the total return of your portfolio over time. In the short term the market volatility will increase.

As for the equity markets, it is best to be cautious of the mixed market conditions.  Baring the geopolitical issues related to trade and tariffs, the US economy is projected to have a GDP between 2.5% and 3% in 2018. Further, the projection for 2019 GDP is around 2.5%. This would translate in single digit returns for the US equity markets. 

However, you should be very cautious of geopolitical issues or that big elephant in the room in which interest rates may move up higher than expected and the trade tensions escalate which it will have a long term effect on the markets. Therefore, near term we believe the markets will continue to see volatility.

I am always very disciplined in my approach to maintain the appropriate liquidity for my clients to take into account market corrections. I also believe that the active managers who concentrate on companies with strong balance sheets, positive free cash flow, and high profit margins will fare better in these markets.

These days it’s best to maintain a diversified approach to your portfolios that have weathered the storms in the previous market corrections. If you are well diversified your portfolios will not feel the full brunt of the recent sell off.  However, with that there are still concerned and cautions. Besides the cash flow needs that you need in each of your portfolios, if you do have a need for additional cash within the next twelve to eighteen months you might consider holding that amount in a money market account. 

The only thing certain we can predict is uncertainty, and therefore if you have a need for a large cash expenditure in the next twelve to eighteen months you should let your financial advisor know.

In the meantime, take the good Baron Rothschild’s advice (tweaking it slightly), “buy when there is blood in the streets, even when it’s your own”.  No action in this market may be the prudent action to take as what you want to avoid is to sell low.

Be cautious and consult your financial advisor. These will be volatile time.


Andrew Kyriacou

Andrew Kyriacou

Look for more Market Update from Andrew Kyriacou.

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How HNWI’s Balance their Financial Portfolios

Retirement advice from Andrew Kyriacou

Retirement Advice from Andrew Kyriacou

Throughout his career, retirement advice from Andrew Kyriacou has focused on HNWIs. 

HNWI = High Net Worth Individuals

Basically, an individual that has his financial income above $1 million is considered as High Net Worth Individual.

This income is calculated from his or her liquid assets. They choose different investment plans for balancing their financial portfolios. High Net Worth means the high rate of income taxes on your annual income. For managing their HNW they start using their money in several investment plans so that they can get the benefit of less tax. There are many tax deferred plans available that can save you from paying high income tax costs.

Andrew Kyriacou specializes in helping HNWIs get the most out of their money by minimizing the tax that is paid on their income. However, these same strategies can often be used by people who are NOT HNWIs.

Start a 401K

Andrew Kyriacou says that for balancing your high net worth the HNWIs can choose from the category of tax deffered plans. When a HNWI is going to retire from their job then they really need the right retirement plan. Andrew Kyriacou suggests a 401K plan for the people who want to save for retirement. Retirement advice from Andrew Kyriacou is clearly defined that employees should adopt a 401K plan as soon as possible. It is a perfect way of saving money for your retirement.

Your paid premiums are sheltered from income taxes. This is the main reason for the 401K plan’s popularity. Andrew Kyriacou approves 401K plans as a choice of a wise and smart investor who cares for their money. Preparing in advance for the upcoming times is always better than crying in worst financial conditions. 

Retire in style - Andrew Kyriacou
Set yourself up for an easy retirement by learning from HNWIs.

Maintaining a good balance for your financial portfolio is really a task of great responsibility. Select the most profitable plan but remember that there may be a lot of risks if you are trading in mutual funds. Investing in certified company insurance that shelters your investment and saves your funds from the eyes of income tax is a better option if you are an HNWI. Don’t try to be over smart and get advice from an expert such as Andrew Kyriacou. The expert advice will always guide you to right way towards the perfect plan for your investment. So in this way, the HNWIs balance their financial portfolio and live a royal life free of stress and worries.

Why you must start saving for your Children?

Andrew Kyriacou - Investing for your children

Andrew Kyriacou says that saving is always necessary for every person; whether you are an employee or not. AND, your investment responsibilities will grow with new additions to your family.

With each passing year, your expenses will increase on your family, which puts added pressure on investing and savings. Growing kids need more care, and for this you need more money for satisfying the needs of your kids. The situation can get out of the budget if your children are ready for school admissions. As you know the education system is becoming more expensive in present time for providing the better education to your children you need to put high price tag out of pocket. College and University fees are going higher and higher. Also the expenses of medical treatments are too high when your child got any health issue. All these expenses add up very quickly, and can prevent your children from having a good education.

So, if you want to provide a bright future for your children you must start saving now.

Investing as much as you can - Andrew Kyriacou
Invest as much as you can… it doesn’t have to be a huge amount. Just start early!

Your savings will help you in maintain the future costs of your children’s education and lifestyle without any depression. By starting a savings account in their childhood, you can add tiny amounts weekly, monthly or yearly, and they will add up over time.

Trust me your child will proud of you for making such a wise choice for him or her.

According to Andrew Kyriacou saving is the smart habit that will remove the chances of debt. In his articles and news he always provides smart financial bits of advice to the parents who want to save money for their children. You can invest in a child saving plan for the future use.

There is a variety of child investment plans offered by many certified insurance companies. You can get advice from your financial advisor for choosing the best plan with the low premium and high return values.

You can check the news and articles of Andrew Kyriacou for having the best suggestion from the best advisor while choosing the insurance plan for your children.


The articles of Andrew Kyriacou are really helpful for deciding about your insurance plan. Not only education but the health care of your children is also important for you. For better treatments in critical health situation of your child, you need high funds. So you just need to save for your children for saving his life and making it better. Saving in advance will never let you go out of money in the future.

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