Andrew Kyriacou Market Report – November 1, 2018

Andrew Kyriacou market report back again. Here are the questions and answers we’re looking into in this issue: Are we in the longest bull market ever? Why is this bull market important? Will a hike in interest rates arrest the market? …let’s dive into this market report.

Are We In The Longest Bull Market Ever?

The short answer is yes… but let me explain.

Basically, a Bull Market is a when the price of trading stocks are on a continual growth path or may grow according to the expectation of the investors. The most common definition for the start of a bull market is a rise of 20% in the market, and then regular growth throughout the extent of that Bull Market. A Bear Market then, is the continual decline of the market beginning with a 20% decrease in market price from the highest mark.

There are a few conflicting opinions about this current market, but for most investment advisors and strategists the current bull market began on March 9, 2009. This was just after the financial crisis had sunk the S&P 500 to an appalling low of 666.

On August 22 of this year, the current bull market turned 3,453 days old, making it the longest bull market in history. These markets are risky because you may get profits, or can get huge losses because your never know how long a bull market will last. There is no surety that you always get a profit.

Read my full .pdf report here:

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