2019 Five Star Wealth Manager award!

I’m honored to announce that for the 5th year in a row I’ve have received the Five Star Wealth Manager award!


We are pleased to announce that Andrew Kyriacou has won the 2019 Five Star Wealth Manager award! By earning this honor, Andrew has demonstrated a commitment to clients. Please offer Andrew your congratulations.

Five Star Professional has recognized in the pages of Boston magazine an outstanding group of Boston-area wealth managers. Five Star Wealth Managers are named using an in-depth research methodology that includes ten objective criteria.

Congratulations once again to Andrew Kyriacou and to all of our 2019 Five Star Wealth Managers!

Investing in Bitcoins

Market Update from Andrew Kyriacou

Basically, Bitcoins are a form of virtual currency, or crypto currency, that has become very popular in the marketplace. The transactions of Bitcoins are also done as like cash transfers through advanced transaction techniques and other media. Due to their increased demands and popularity in the market, a new market is settled for the Bitcoins and termed as the Bitcoin Exchange market. In this market, you can get and exchange bitcoins, invest bitcoins and can get high-value returns on your investments because the price is on increase these days.

But like the trade market, there is also no surety when the rates fall down and goes above the high limits of the market. If you are getting bored with the traditional stock investment plans then check out the advance investment strategies of Bitcoins. The Bitcoin market offers more profitable results than the old trade market. You can easily invest an exchange Bitcoins and get profits. If you are unknown about the basics of Bitcoins then check out the following Andrew Kyriacou Investment Tips.

•    Consult to your advisor for Bitcoin market to get the solutions about the best deals of Bitcoins.

•    Compare and select the most valuable Deal that has the highest chances of increase in the Future.

•    Store you’re purchased Bitcoins in a secure way and perform regular checks on the market rates.

•    Sell your Bitcoins when the market rates are highly profitable and chances of price drop down are low.

According to Andrew Kyriacou (dot) Tips, if you want to invest in the cryptocurrency trade market then the option of Bitcoins might be a good deal for you. In this context, we deliver you with the various benefits of the Bitcoin investment that can help you in confirming your decision of investing in any crypto coins. Look at the following offered benefits:

No Intermediary:

While investing in Bit coins there is no need to get any middleman for the transfer of bitcoins as well as for the purchase and exchange of bitcoins currency. This reduces the extra charges that we have to put on the middleman or broker who suggests us the best plan to invest in.

Digital Transaction:

As you know that it is a form of Digital currency so the transfer is also done via the digital path. The digital transfer of bitcoins is fast an also less costly than the cash transfer. They can be delivered or exchanged at a rapid speed and instantly in a little time. Andrew Kyriacou Investment Tips suggests this investment because its transfer is faster than the traditional transfer of banks and also no need to get stick with banks for the transaction if Bitcoins.

Platform Independence:

Bitcoins are not stuck to any single fixed platform like the traditional stocks. Andrew Kyriacou Investment Tips defines that there is no need to attend the market conference for getting the bitcoins.  You can access it easily via using your computer websites or any mobile app related to bitcoin exchange. This facility is really helpful for you when you are running in a busy schedule and want to get Bitcoins. You can easily do it by sitting at your own comfort.

Easy Mining:

The other thing included in Andrew Kyriacou Investment Tips is that the mining of bitcoins is also easier. You are given a puzzle game for mining the coins and you can get your BitCoins by solving this game successfully.

No Fee:

Another good thing, about the bitcoins that there will be no fee for the exchange and transaction of Bitcoins. The bitcoins are free from the deductibles and credit card surcharges. So the bitcoins are more beneficial for the investors and you can sell or buy bitcoins without any additional fees.

Complete User Control:

In the Andrew Kyriacou Investment Tips, it is defined that the bitcoins are completely decentralized that means there is no central control over the Bitcoins is designed. They are under the control of the users who sell or buy them. There is no particular regulation applied to the control of Bitcoins. That is the reason behind the concept of complete user control. The user can send or receive the Bitcoins using the online website without any restriction.


So because of the above mentioned benefits, Andrew Kyriacou Investment Tips suggested you to invest in the Bitcoin market. They are advanced markets strategies based currencies that can be easily exchanged and stored on your system. The deals in Bitcoin exchange are usually more profitable than the trade market because it is free from the extra charges used for the transaction, fees of the middleman, and the charges deducted by banks for saving the stock. So try these marketing strategies and follow the Andrew Kyriacou Investment Tips for getting success in the Bitcoin market.

New Year and New Financial Resolutions

New Year and New Financial Resolutions

It’s a new year and new financial resolutions are in place, but investors in the financial markets may be struggling to find their optimism. The past several weeks have been very difficult, as the stock market sell-off resulted in the worst December performance since 1931. While we have seen a rebound in early January, it’s understandable that such a dramatic decline can deliver a blow to investor confidence and lead to reactions driven by fear and an instinct to protect ourselves from further losses. Although it can be hard to completely take our emotions out of our investment decisions, it’s during times like these when we need to force ourselves to focus on the facts instead of how we feel. That means considering not only our current environment but also the historical investment tenets that we rely on—avoiding the urge to sell near the market bottoms, sticking to an investment plan, and maintaining a long-term perspective.

Bearing all of that in mind, it’s important to recognize the challenges facing the market today, but also maintain confidence in the fundamentals sustaining growth in the economy and corporate profits in 2019. The pace of growth is expected to be slower in 2019, but remain supportive of solid potential stock gains.

What Will Happen in 2019?

Several factors are weighing on investor sentiment right now, including trade tensions with China, weaker oil prices, the path of interest rates, and uncertainty regarding the political environment, notably the government shutdown.  It’s important to point out that we could enter a bear market without the economy experiencing a recession, although there is the possibility that a “self-fulfilling recession” may develop. In other words, as political and trade uncertainty leads to falling asset prices and limits business investment, this could pressure growth in productivity, employment, and consumption, thus slowing down the overall economy. However, given the current record levels for U.S. gross domestic product and employment, stable inflation, and manufacturing and services reports that are still indicating expansion, it still looks like a recession is unlikely for 2019.

Many of us often wish to start a new year with a renewed positivity about the opportunities that may come in the year ahead, and this current market environment certainly makes that challenging. But a new year is also about making a commitment to make positive changes for the long term. A successful new year’s resolution is about having discipline, consistency, and dedication—thinking beyond the action you may take in January and instead envisioning sustainable improvements.

It’s All About Perspective

This is the perspective we as investors must strive to maintain during these difficult times. The fundamental backdrop supporting growth in the economy and corporate profits appears to remain sound, and the economy and markets have a long and successful history of finding ways to adapt, recover, innovate, and grow. If we can maintain our commitment to focus on those fundamentals and rely on the right guidance, we can weather these challenges in pursuit of our long-term investment goals.

All the best,


If you miss my end of the year post, there may still be time: Taxpayer Elections to Consider Prior to Year End

Taxpayer Elections to Consider Prior to Year End

Accounting Taxes Andrew Kyriacou

As a reminder, certain elections and/or company policies must be in place prior to December 31, 2018, in order to be applicable to calendar year tax returns and financials. Taxpayers should consider if they have the appropriate elections/policies in place or need to revise prior to December 31, 2018. Below are some elections/policies that are relevant to many of our clients that they may want to consider.

GILTI Accounting Policy Elections

ASC 740 does not currently directly address the accounting for GILTI. As a result, the FASB staff concluded in FASB Staff Q&A #5 that companies can make an accounting policy election to either:

  1. Treat GILTI as a period cost if and when incurred, or
  2. Recognize deferred taxes for basis differences that are expected to reverse as GILTI in future years.

If a company elects to treat GILTI as a period cost, there is a supplemental accounting method election to make in determining if a valuation allowance is required for some or all of the company’s NOL carryforwards as companies in a loss position will not be allowed a Sec. 250 deduction or foreign tax credit (FTC) on GILTI inclusions and instead will be utilizing NOL carryforwards to offset any GILTI inclusion. FASB allows a company to take one of two approaches in assessing a valuation allowance on NOLs:

  1. Incremental Cash Tax Savings Approach – The Company compares what it expects the incremental cash taxes to be with and without the NOL. The difference would be the realizable benefit of the deferred tax asset.
  2. Tax Law Ordering – The Company looks to tax law ordering to determine whether the existing NOL deferred tax asset is expected to be realized. Under this approach, the fact the company will not be able to utilize the Sec. 250 deduction and FTC is irrelevant.

Companies will need to disclose their policy elections in their audited financial statements and the accounting policy elections must be in place by December 31, 2018, for calendar year companies, in order to be effective for 2018 and future years. 

De Minimis Safe Harbor Expensing Elections

As part of the final tangible property regulations, taxpayers are required to make annual elections related to their expensing policies. The de minimis safe harbor election requires a written policy to be in place by the beginning of the taxable year. This means that the written policy must be in place by December 31, 2018, for calendar year taxpayers planning to make the de minimis safe harbor election on a 2019 tax return. 

In addition to taxpayers with audited financial statements, this also applies to taxpayers without audited financial statements, taxpayers with Schedule C business activity and taxpayers with rental real estate activity. 

Deductibility of Accrued Bonuses

In order for accrual basis taxpayers to take an income deduction for bonuses as of the end of its tax year, the bonuses must be fixed and determinable as of the end of the tax year and paid within 2 ½ months. Many taxpayers require employees to be employed on the payment date of the bonus or do not determine the amount of the bonus or bonus pool until after year end. As such, the bonus is not fixed as of the end of the tax year.

Taxpayers should review their current bonus policies to see if they meet the requirements to be deducted as of the end of the tax year. If they do not, then the taxpayer may need to have a Board resolution in place by the end of the year (December 31, 2018 for calendar year taxpayers).

All the best


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Looks Like Santa Stayed Home This Christmas And The Bear Came Out For The Holidays

Santa - Andrew Kyriacou Tips

I know all of you are tired of hearing that this market correction is due to the geopolitical issues around China and trade, interest rate concerns with an anticipated slowdown in the economy for the future, and most recently a US government shut down. However, to put this recent decline in historical perspective the average intra-year decline from peak to trough is about 14.2% over the last 35 years. Corrections are expected, normal, and even healthy. That statement may feel like cold comfort while in the midst of one, but we have been in a bull market for over 8 years before this correction. It reminds us how difficult it is to time the market and how important it is to be diversified and understand the liquidity needs of each of our clients.

I Cautioned in October

As mentioned in an email to all of my clients in the beginning of October, we were cautious and due for a correction. This decline was primarily driven by the uncertainty around tariffs, the Fed rate hike as well as weaker than expected economic growth in China.  As stated in October for all of our clients we are well diversified and our portfolios have not felt the full brunt of the selloff.  However, with that people should still be concerned and cautious. 

Prepare For The Coming Year

I would like to reiterate that apart from the cash flow that you know of in each of your portfolios, if you do have a need for additional cash within the next twelve to eighteen months you should have your financial advisor hold this amount in a money market account.  Many of my clients have taken advantage of raising cash before the sell off for the additional cash needs. The only thing certain we can predict is uncertainty and therefore, if you have a need for a large cash expenditure in the next twelve to eighteen months let your financial advisor know.  

Heightened Volatility

In times of heightened volatility it is important to keep in mind the following:

  • Stay focused on your long-term objectives. 
  • Daily fluctuations will be smoothed out over time. 
  • Diversification is the key to superior risk-adjusted returns. While high-quality bonds have not kept up with the returns of the stock markets over the last few years they are an integral component in your portfolio because they provide protection against market declines. They have not only retained principal but they have earned a positive return over the last few weeks.
  • The U.S. economy is still expanding, driven by strong job growth and positive earnings from corporations.

Contact Your Financial Advisor

Make sure your financial advisor is continually monitoring your portfolio and confident that you are positioned well in terms of allocation and quality.  Don’t hesitate to let your financial advisor know if you have any questions or concerns.

Happy Holidays

We wish you a very Happy Holiday season and a peaceful and prosperous New Year.

All the best,


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Andrew Kyriacou Tax Strategies to Save You Money

Andrew Kyriacou - 100 Dollar Puzzle

Every person needs a plan related to income tax, and to develop this plan you need an expert advice. Andrew Kyriacou is a financial expert who has over 22 years of experience as a financial advisor focusing on tax situations.

Since he joined Andresen Tax, he has been working as an expert for handling the high-level tax issues that are founded in the income tax strategies. He also develops tax strategies to help his clients. If you are looking for help from an expert, then check out the Andrew Kyriacou TaxStrategies.

Andrew Kyriacou Tax Strategies

These strategies can be used to for resolving tax-related issues for anyone who is suffering from large income tax payments. As you may know, it becomes a time of depression income tax needs to be paid each year. Here are some tips to keep more money in your pocket.

1. Try to Maximize Your Savings.

If you have the financial means you should put as much money as you can into your personal retirement accounts… Roth IRAs, 401(k)s, etc. Any amount you can save is smart, but if you have the means, contribute the maximum that is allowed by your account.

2. Try Deferring Some Income.

If you might be entering a higher tax bracket, then you’re probably concerned about the ramifications. You should consider deferring one or two paychecks until next year, or defer other income to minimize your current liability.

3. Accelerate Deductions.

Along with deferring income, you can pay some deductible expenses this year instead of next year. This will temporarily lower your income and income taxes.

If you are self-employed you can prepay the balance of your state tax this year rather than waiting for January. This will secure the deduction for this current tax year.

4. Donating Appreciated Securities to Charity.

Most publicly traded securities with unrealized long‐term gains can be donated to a public charity (501(c)(3). To do this you can claim the fair market value as an itemized deduction on your federal tax return — up to 30% of your adjusted gross income. You won’t owe capital gains taxes because the securities were donated, not sold.

Andrew Kyriacou Market Update for the Holiday Season

Andrew Kyriacou Holiday Tips

The holidays are coming!

We all know the holidays are a fun time and bring a lot joy and happiness. BUT, the holidays also mean increased spending. We have to get gifts for our family, relatives and friends. We also spend more money going to visit people during the holidays.

Many people also like to do some charity during the holiday season. As you know, the funds that you give to a charity are also tax deductible. You are eligible for up to 50% deductible when we donate in complete cash.

The holidays are a time for big spending, but also a time for big earnings. So, prepare accordingly.

My ‘Andrew Kyriacou Market Update’ will give you some facts about the market and where how to prepare.

The Market

According to Andrew Kyriacou the value of the market changes every day, so there is no fixation within market strategies. As business changes according to the market, we have to change according to the cost that we have to spend on anything in the market. The expense on daily purchases can change and no surety that they will decrease or increase. The rise in market rates is usual whenever a season starts because the start of a season is time to get more profits from your investments in the market.

Because most fortune 500 companies are cyclical in the yearly revenue, they often rely on the holidays for a huge boost in revenues… this often primes the market to spike ahead of 4th quarter revenue projections.

Wise Investments

Andrew Kyriacou often shows his clients how to make a wise investments and financially beneficial charity donations during the holiday season. You can complete your planning for the assets that you want to put into the charity. Donations are not under the complete deduction, but you can learn about the deduction process before paying funds to any public or private charity.

If you are a legal taxpayer you should always follow the guide lines of the Internal Revenue Service. The deduction goes on up to 5 years on the cash charity and the assets are considered as fair market value when they are held for more than 1 year. The costs are on increase and the Andrew Kyriacou Market update is here to help you in making a perfect decision regarding you holiday season expenses. An advisor with expertise will define you every bit of the holiday season market update strategies. May the context is helpful for you and guide you in the right way towards making holiday season charity this year.

Market Volatility After the Midterm Elections by Andrew Kyriacou

Market Update from Andrew Kyriacou

I wrote this open letter to my HNWI clients following the recent midterm elections… ‘Market Volatility After the Midterm Elections by Andrew Kyriacou’:

Good Afternoon,

The potential outcomes of the midterm elections have been dominating the news lately. As October reminded us, investors and the markets typically do not like uncertainty. With Democrats taking control of the House of Representatives, and Republicans maintaining their majority in the Senate, this clarity may bring some reassurance for investors.

Throughout 2018, we have been expecting a return to more normal levels of market volatility (after experiencing very little in late 2016 and 2017), driven by forces such as potential economic growth, inflation concerns, rising interest rates, trade tensions, and political uncertainty. In fact, the S&P 500 Index has slipped into “correction territory,” defined as a 10% decline from a recent high, on three separate occasions this year. While potential tariffs and Federal Reserve policy may have garnered most of the headlines, the underlying uncertainty around the U.S. midterm elections has probably also been pressuring markets.

Midterm Election Years

Historically, midterm election years are the most volatile of the four-year presidential cycle. Equity markets are typically unable to sustain any lasting momentum because investors are awaiting the outcome and considering how it may influence policy, the economy, and in turn, the markets. Occasionally, market participants conclude that the potential for political “gridlock”—a divided Congress—is a favorable outcome, as that suggests any extreme political or economic measures are unlikely. Since 1950 the U.S. stock market has consistently displayed a sort of “relief rally” after the midterm elections; so if history repeats itself, we may see strong performance through the rest of 2018 and into the first half of 2019.

Democrats in control of the House

Although clarity may be all that the stock market is looking for, there are several important policy implications for investors to consider in light of this year’s results. With Democrats taking control of the House, “gridlock” may in fact mean a better sense of political balance for many market participants, as it limits the potential for the policy pendulum to swing too far in any one direction. We may also see an infrastructure spending deal and progress on trade, which could provide further support for the markets. On the other hand, the debt ceiling debate may create renewed uncertainty if Democrats attempt to roll back some of the recent tax cuts in order to reach a deal on the federal budget, and increased scrutiny of the administration may periodically weigh on market sentiment.

Looking ahead, a traditional post-midterm election rally may follow as investors attempt to identify asset classes, sectors, and industries positioned to benefit from the election results. Although considering the deep domestic political divide, as well as the ever-present global challenges, it is prudent to prepare for further bouts of market volatility in the year ahead. It is also important to stay focused on those factors that traditionally drive markets in the long run: not political headlines, but rather the solid fundamentals supporting economic growth, the direction of interest rates, and the impact of corporate profits on the financial markets.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please contact me and the Andersen Tax Wealth Management team.


Andrew Kyriacou

Andrew Kyriacou

Read my latest Market Update white paper at: https://andrewkyriacou.tips/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/Andrew-Kyriacou-Market-Report-Nov.1-.pdf

Andrew Kyriacou Market Report cover

How to Save for your Holidays Financially? (Andrew Kyriacou Holiday Tips)

Andrew Kyriacou Holiday Tips

This Andrew Kyriacou Holiday Tips article may help you get through the holidays with a little extra cash in your pocket. The key is to be prepared in advance for the upcoming expenses through savings.

As we all know the holidays are an important part of our busy lives. It’s the time when we splurge on gifts, food, and entertainment with our family and children. Families often plan for vacation trips during the winter holidays, which just adds to the increased spending. That trip to visit distant relatives, or the family alpine skiing trip begin to add up financially during a time of year when it’s hard to say no.

The wise man (or woman) always sets his (or her) financial savings in the present that he needs in the future. So, the decision is on you to start saving – if not then you may have greater difficulty during the high spending season.

These tips are for all the people who want to save for their holidays and stay prepared for the upcoming vacations before they come.

Andrew Kyriacou holiday tips are for saving everyone from these dangerous situations when we are at the stage of ‘can’t say no’.

Andrew Kyriacou Holiday Tips #1: Check your Current Financial Status

The first action is enquiring your current financial status. Check how much you have in your pocket or bank savings or any other source where you had saved for these expenses. This will help you to understand what you can and cannot afford. You can use your savings funds easily, but make sure you’re not over-spending. Meaning, you should also look to January and February expenses to make sure you have enough savings for AFTER the holidays.

Andrew Kyriacou Holiday Tips #2: Make a List of your Expenses

When the holidays are coming, you should discuss the needs and wants (in regards to expenses) with your family. Holidays are full of expenses such as shopping, booking fun costs and many others. Make a complete list of all your planned expenses for which you have to spend money. The list covers every single aspect of expense from normal shopping to the highest expenses. Shopping for holidays is also not so cheap, buying season clothes and other related items that you need on your holiday trip, Expenses of hotel booking and costs for outside ride on any vehicle are all making it too costly. But when the matter is on your family’s demand and expectations than you have to take care of the various need of your family.

Andrew Kyriacou Holiday Tips #3: Don’t Go Into Debt During the Holidays!

When you want to impress your family with a surprise of a grand holiday package, please don’t get into debt because of your need to impress. Credit cards and borrowing money from any lender comes with extremely high interest, which will put you in a hole that you will have a hard time getting out of once the holidays are over.

Stay within your reasonable budget because once you make a decision to borrow money at high interest, the cycle will repeat itself the next year.

Andrew Kyriacou Holiday Tips #4: Save in Advance

Always start saving earlier when you know the expenses are coming soon. Any amount you can save is fine, but you must do it. Open a savings account the gives you a little interest on your money, and simply set up an auto transfer each week or month. Make it an amount that won’t affect your normal expenses. Trust me, it adds up.

If you read these Andrew Kyriacou holiday tips carefully then you may not have any issue with your holiday planning.

The Bottom line:

These are the Andrew Kyriacou holiday tips that can help you to enjoy your vacations without any depression of finance. You can satisfy the desires of your family by providing them with all the luxuries that they expect during the holidays.

More on Andrew Kyriacou:


Andrew Kyriacou Bio

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Andrew Kyriacou Profile

Andrew Kyriacou Market Report – November 1, 2018

Andrew Kyriacou Market Report cover

Andrew Kyriacou market report back again. Here are the questions and answers we’re looking into in this issue: Are we in the longest bull market ever? Why is this bull market important? Will a hike in interest rates arrest the market? …let’s dive into this market report.

Are We In The Longest Bull Market Ever?

The short answer is yes… but let me explain.

Basically, a Bull Market is a when the price of trading stocks are on a continual growth path or may grow according to the expectation of the investors. The most common definition for the start of a bull market is a rise of 20% in the market, and then regular growth throughout the extent of that Bull Market. A Bear Market then, is the continual decline of the market beginning with a 20% decrease in market price from the highest mark.

There are a few conflicting opinions about this current market, but for most investment advisors and strategists the current bull market began on March 9, 2009. This was just after the financial crisis had sunk the S&P 500 to an appalling low of 666.

On August 22 of this year, the current bull market turned 3,453 days old, making it the longest bull market in history. These markets are risky because you may get profits, or can get huge losses because your never know how long a bull market will last. There is no surety that you always get a profit.

Read my full .pdf report here: https://andrewkyriacou.tips/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/Andrew-Kyriacou-Market-Report-Nov.1-.pdf

Andrew Kyriacou Market Report Cover