Investing in Bitcoins

Market Update from Andrew Kyriacou

Basically, Bitcoins are a form of virtual currency, or crypto currency, that has become very popular in the marketplace. The transactions of Bitcoins are also done as like cash transfers through advanced transaction techniques and other media. Due to their increased demands and popularity in the market, a new market is settled for the Bitcoins and termed as the Bitcoin Exchange market. In this market, you can get and exchange bitcoins, invest bitcoins and can get high-value returns on your investments because the price is on increase these days.

But like the trade market, there is also no surety when the rates fall down and goes above the high limits of the market. If you are getting bored with the traditional stock investment plans then check out the advance investment strategies of Bitcoins. The Bitcoin market offers more profitable results than the old trade market. You can easily invest an exchange Bitcoins and get profits. If you are unknown about the basics of Bitcoins then check out the following Andrew Kyriacou Investment Tips.

•    Consult to your advisor for Bitcoin market to get the solutions about the best deals of Bitcoins.

•    Compare and select the most valuable Deal that has the highest chances of increase in the Future.

•    Store you’re purchased Bitcoins in a secure way and perform regular checks on the market rates.

•    Sell your Bitcoins when the market rates are highly profitable and chances of price drop down are low.

According to Andrew Kyriacou (dot) Tips, if you want to invest in the cryptocurrency trade market then the option of Bitcoins might be a good deal for you. In this context, we deliver you with the various benefits of the Bitcoin investment that can help you in confirming your decision of investing in any crypto coins. Look at the following offered benefits:

No Intermediary:

While investing in Bit coins there is no need to get any middleman for the transfer of bitcoins as well as for the purchase and exchange of bitcoins currency. This reduces the extra charges that we have to put on the middleman or broker who suggests us the best plan to invest in.

Digital Transaction:

As you know that it is a form of Digital currency so the transfer is also done via the digital path. The digital transfer of bitcoins is fast an also less costly than the cash transfer. They can be delivered or exchanged at a rapid speed and instantly in a little time. Andrew Kyriacou Investment Tips suggests this investment because its transfer is faster than the traditional transfer of banks and also no need to get stick with banks for the transaction if Bitcoins.

Platform Independence:

Bitcoins are not stuck to any single fixed platform like the traditional stocks. Andrew Kyriacou Investment Tips defines that there is no need to attend the market conference for getting the bitcoins.  You can access it easily via using your computer websites or any mobile app related to bitcoin exchange. This facility is really helpful for you when you are running in a busy schedule and want to get Bitcoins. You can easily do it by sitting at your own comfort.

Easy Mining:

The other thing included in Andrew Kyriacou Investment Tips is that the mining of bitcoins is also easier. You are given a puzzle game for mining the coins and you can get your BitCoins by solving this game successfully.

No Fee:

Another good thing, about the bitcoins that there will be no fee for the exchange and transaction of Bitcoins. The bitcoins are free from the deductibles and credit card surcharges. So the bitcoins are more beneficial for the investors and you can sell or buy bitcoins without any additional fees.

Complete User Control:

In the Andrew Kyriacou Investment Tips, it is defined that the bitcoins are completely decentralized that means there is no central control over the Bitcoins is designed. They are under the control of the users who sell or buy them. There is no particular regulation applied to the control of Bitcoins. That is the reason behind the concept of complete user control. The user can send or receive the Bitcoins using the online website without any restriction.


So because of the above mentioned benefits, Andrew Kyriacou Investment Tips suggested you to invest in the Bitcoin market. They are advanced markets strategies based currencies that can be easily exchanged and stored on your system. The deals in Bitcoin exchange are usually more profitable than the trade market because it is free from the extra charges used for the transaction, fees of the middleman, and the charges deducted by banks for saving the stock. So try these marketing strategies and follow the Andrew Kyriacou Investment Tips for getting success in the Bitcoin market.

New Year and New Financial Resolutions

New Year and New Financial Resolutions

It’s a new year and new financial resolutions are in place, but investors in the financial markets may be struggling to find their optimism. The past several weeks have been very difficult, as the stock market sell-off resulted in the worst December performance since 1931. While we have seen a rebound in early January, it’s understandable that such a dramatic decline can deliver a blow to investor confidence and lead to reactions driven by fear and an instinct to protect ourselves from further losses. Although it can be hard to completely take our emotions out of our investment decisions, it’s during times like these when we need to force ourselves to focus on the facts instead of how we feel. That means considering not only our current environment but also the historical investment tenets that we rely on—avoiding the urge to sell near the market bottoms, sticking to an investment plan, and maintaining a long-term perspective.

Bearing all of that in mind, it’s important to recognize the challenges facing the market today, but also maintain confidence in the fundamentals sustaining growth in the economy and corporate profits in 2019. The pace of growth is expected to be slower in 2019, but remain supportive of solid potential stock gains.

What Will Happen in 2019?

Several factors are weighing on investor sentiment right now, including trade tensions with China, weaker oil prices, the path of interest rates, and uncertainty regarding the political environment, notably the government shutdown.  It’s important to point out that we could enter a bear market without the economy experiencing a recession, although there is the possibility that a “self-fulfilling recession” may develop. In other words, as political and trade uncertainty leads to falling asset prices and limits business investment, this could pressure growth in productivity, employment, and consumption, thus slowing down the overall economy. However, given the current record levels for U.S. gross domestic product and employment, stable inflation, and manufacturing and services reports that are still indicating expansion, it still looks like a recession is unlikely for 2019.

Many of us often wish to start a new year with a renewed positivity about the opportunities that may come in the year ahead, and this current market environment certainly makes that challenging. But a new year is also about making a commitment to make positive changes for the long term. A successful new year’s resolution is about having discipline, consistency, and dedication—thinking beyond the action you may take in January and instead envisioning sustainable improvements.

It’s All About Perspective

This is the perspective we as investors must strive to maintain during these difficult times. The fundamental backdrop supporting growth in the economy and corporate profits appears to remain sound, and the economy and markets have a long and successful history of finding ways to adapt, recover, innovate, and grow. If we can maintain our commitment to focus on those fundamentals and rely on the right guidance, we can weather these challenges in pursuit of our long-term investment goals.

All the best,


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2019 Five Star Wealth Manager award!

I’m honored to announce that for the 5th year in a row I’ve have received the Five Star Wealth Manager award!


We are pleased to announce that Andrew Kyriacou has won the 2019 Five Star Wealth Manager award! By earning this honor, Andrew has demonstrated a commitment to clients. Please offer Andrew your congratulations.

Five Star Professional has recognized in the pages of Boston magazine an outstanding group of Boston-area wealth managers. Five Star Wealth Managers are named using an in-depth research methodology that includes ten objective criteria.

Congratulations once again to Andrew Kyriacou and to all of our 2019 Five Star Wealth Managers!